Picture of a dark haired young woman in flannel, jean jacket, tank top and jeans

Marie Redgate

Played by Celeste

Sassy Thief

Marie is in her early 20s and thought she had life sorted. Steal what you need and/or want, move elsewhere and then do it all again. Life, however, is never that simple and threw her a curveball. A job goes wrong one night and perhaps she saw a vampire. She’s not sure because she didn’t stick around long enough to find out.

Her relationships (of any kind) aren’t going well either. All the men in her life either die or leave her without a word. Will Angus be different? Maybe, but probably not.

Picture of a hulking man in a kilt

Angus McCray

Played by Shawn

Scottish Werewolf

Wears a kilt.

Speaks in a fictional Scottish accent.

Drives on the wrong side of the road.

Has hamhocks for hands.

Picture of an evil looking woman in a black cloak and holding a Monster of the Week rulebook

The Keeper

Played by Sarah

Evil Host

Host and Keeper of the monsters, NPCs, countdowns and all the goings-on in Hendrix. She sets the scene, reacts to their shenanigans, keeps the hunters on their toes and deals out fun consequences. While the Keeper is a fan of the hunters and wants to see them succeed but also ensures that if they do stupid then they deserve to win stupid prizes. Expect them to win a lot of prizes 😛

The Keeper is not good with accents, some of her NPC voice choices are questionable and obviously has it in for the player of Angus. She has more experience with Dungeons & Dragons than Monster of the Week but will one day finish reading the rulebook!