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Listen to the exploits of a sassy thief and a Scottish werewolf as they hunt monsters, roll, dice and cause magical mayhem all in the fictional American town of Hendrix.

  • Episode 34: Swap! In the Name of Love
    Will Severus ever find his mother? Can Angus get his body back? Is Hendrix falling for a girl?!
  • Episode 33: Here Comes the Bun
    Angus has an out of body experience. Hendrix puts on his big-boy spurs. While Severus is forced to go elbows-deep…
  • Episode 32: P-R-O-T-E-C-T, Find Out What It Means Baby
    Hendrix runs head-first into fun. Severus shares more of his daddy issues. While Angus goes along for the ride… Content Warning: some immature-mature content discussed.
  • Episode 31: When a Man Loves a Whoa-Man!
    Severus attempts to educate Angus about where magical babies come from. A blast from the past returns and something goes horribly wrong at Severus Svarti’s Traveling Funfaire. But don’t worry Angus, Severus and Meadow are there to deal with it. Well, maybe not Meadow, she goes missing…
  • Episode 30: I Just Can’t Get You Out of My Bed!
    While Marie is recovering from their last mystery, Angus is left to his own devices back in Hendrix. What’s a Scottish werewolf to do without his Marie? Maybe a night out at Severus Svarti’s Traveling Funfaire will help keep him out of mischief…
  • Episode 29: C’mon Baby Fight my Dire(Wolf)
    Our hunters have to play the cards they’ve been dealt. As the Queen of Hearts ups the ante will Angus fold ’em or hold ’em? will Marie pull an ace from her sleeve? Find out if this two of a kind can beat a Queen!
  • Bonus Episode: Time Jail One-Shot
    Five actual play podcasters come together to play an impromptu Monster of the Week one-shot! Join a 15 year old girl who sees dead people, a weaselly luchador, the flakiest of flakes and Santa(?), as they attempt to break out of time jail.
  • Episode 28: I Can’t Get No Play Card Action
    There’s no time for these two to mourn as they jump out of the water and straight into a castle. Marie gets wet. Angus makes a woman briefly happy. No, don’t think dirty thoughts!
  • Episode 27: If I Could Turn Back Crime
    This episode is a real page-turner! It’s got everything, from Angus getting tossed into the deep end, to Marie having to sober up quick! And as for Jax? Well… you’ll have to listen to find out!
  • Episode 26: You Just Keep Me Fangin On
    It’s dangerous to get lost in a book Just ask Marie and Angus! How many admirers does Marie have? Will Jax get to keep his head? Does Angus be shot—again? Find out this episode…
  • Bonus Episode: 1 Year Anniversary Special – Part 2
    Welcome to part 2 of our bonus episodes celebrating 1 whole year on the internets for Redgate and Wolf! Rosi continues to ask us questions from you guys, our listeners! We have some bloopers from the last 10 episodes of our main campaign and we announce the winners of our Monster of the Week giveaway.
  • Bonus Episode: 1 Year Anniversary Special – Part 1
    Redgate and Wolf has been live on the internets for 1 whole year! Yay us! And yay to our listeners! We wouldn’t be here if you weren’t listening and loving our little indie podcast. To celebrate this unbelievable occasion, we have made this two-part special bonus for you. It includes special guest and host Rosi, asking us questions from you guys, our listeners!
  • Episode 25: You’re the One that I Taunt
    Angus and Marie are trapped in their very own fairy tale. Will Angus become the literal Big Bad Wolf or will Marie wander off the path and into her own side plot?
  • Episode 24: I’m a Library Girl, in a Library World
    Maevis, the lovely librarian is missing! Sheriff Winters entrusts a very drunk Marie to find her. Angus, with tail between his legs, tags along. Jax seeks answers, but will he like what he finds?
  • Episode 23: Don’t Stop ’til You’re Drunk Enough
    What else is different in this version of modern-day Hendrix? Find out as Marie gets absolutely trollied. Jax goes looking for answers. And someone actually remembers Angus!
  • Bonus Episode: NPCs of Hendrix Christmas 2021 One-Shot
    The teens of Hendrix are back and working as elves in Santa’s Grotto at the annual Christmas Market when something hinky goes down. Nikita is making an effort to get into the holiday spirit. Maxwell is, as always, streaming on TikTok. Jen is taking selfies in between snapping pics of kids on drunk Santa’s lap. And the last elf? Well, you’ll just have to listen to find out!
  • Episode 22: And Here’s to You, Ms Redgateson
    Our time-fatigued hunters have returned to 2021. The town of Hendrix still exists, as does the Watchtower Tavern and Joel. But what about that mixed success to use magic? Listen to find out what the present has in store for Angus and Marie…
  • Bonus Episode: Keepers Retreat 2021 One-Shot
    Friendships are forged, secrets are shared and shenanigans ensue as four very different hunters solve a monster mystery while on vacation in sunny California. This is an epic crossover with the Keepers of five different Monster of the Week podcasts. Four of whom play an NPC from their own podcasts!
  • Episode 21: Demon Til Your Schemes Come True
    With Angus down for the count, the fate of the world—or at least Springfield—rests on Marie’s petite shoulders. Will she take the demon by the horn or will she doom us all?
  • Episode 20: Oh Girls Just Wanna Have Guns
    Our lightly singed hunters jump out of the fire and into a fight. Angus gets a little hot under the collar. Marie uses a custom move. Meadow makes them a deal they can’t refuse and Maevis might just have a way to get them home!
  • Bonus Episode: NPCs of Hendrix Halloween 2021 One-Shot
    A new generation of hunters walk into the obligatory haunted house to bust some ghosts this Halloween. Nikita is the lone wolf who just wants to get the job done. Maxwell and Jenn are streaming it live on TikTok. And that new guy AJ is, well… we’re not quite sure what he is. Listen to find out!
  • Episode 19: Put Another Imp on the Barbie
    The hunters come face-to-face with one of the people they’ve been searching for. And look, it’s Shteeve! And shenanigans ensue. So many shenanigans. Really, it’s crazy the amount of shenanigans ensue. Oh jeez the shenanigans…
  • Episode 18: Just a Funky Old Crack and a Sneak Attack!
    After failing at babysitting and losing Joel, the terrible two attempt to track him down before anyone notices. Angus digs deep and gets his hands dirty. Marie finds something she lost.
  • Episode 17: There’s Gonna Be a Pancake to Bite
    Having found allies in the past, the pair with questionable morals hunt for missing people. Marie acquires a practice child. While Angus engages in impish behaviour.
  • Episode 16: How Do You Solve a Problem Like Marie-a?
    The unhappily married couple venture forth into Springfield. Marie commits a time-crime. And Angus finds technology he actually knows how to use!
  • Bonus Episode: 6 Month Anniversary Special (Q&A and Bloopers)
    Redgate and Wolf has been live on the internets for 6 months! Yay us! And yay to our listeners! We wouldn’t be here if you weren’t listening and loving our little podcast. To celebrate this momentous occasion, we have have made this special bonus episode for you. It includes special guests Rosi and Ollie, a Q&A session and a few bloopers from our mysteries thus far.
  • Episode 15: Sweet Child of Time
    With Meadow about to pop, our half-witted heroes decide it’s time to find out exactly who—or what—this crazy lady is. Kicking off a mystery that will explore the history of the fictional town of Hendrix!
  • Episode 14: A Daydream Conceiver and a Homecoming Scream
    Will this be the last dance for our plucky hunters? Marie takes the record for a spin. Hendrix meets an obligation. And Angus gets amped!
  • Episode 13: No One Dared Perturb the Hound of Silence
    Marie actually does her job and investigates a mystery—at least twice! Hendrix makes a new friend. And Angus is exposed!
  • Episode 12: I’m Pickin’ Up Wood Fixations
    With Angus stuck in full werewolf mode it’s up to Marie to be the responsible one, and it goes about as well as you’d expect. Meanwhile Hendrix has a Meatloaf moment where it’s all coming back to him.
  • Episode 11: Here Comes the Shame Again
    Marie unlocks something she shouldn’t. Angus’s fate hangs on a roll of the dice. Hendrix gets knocked down, but does he get up again?
  • Episode 10: I Caught the Gore and the Gore Won
    The long, lanky arm of the law finally catches up to Marie. Meanwhile Hendrix seeks justice for the slain. Angus does his bestest to keep Hendrix from getting killed, arrested or internet famous.
  • Episode 9: Another One Fights the Lust
    Marie runs from the tall, lanky arm of the law. Angus tries to be a bro while the time-displaced cowboy attracts all sorts of (un)wanted attention.
  • Episode 8: Hackity Hack, Don’t Talk Smack!
    Angus and Marie have moved into the honeymoon suite. Marie bares her soul to someone new. Meanwhile, Angus babysits a cowboy.
  • Episode 7: We Didn’t Start the Pyre
    Will Jaxon’s blood and bones feed Doctor Bloomfield’s garden? Is Angus all bark and no bite? Will Marie ever forgive her ex? Doubtful.
  • Episode 6: Should I Spray or Should I Go?
    The hunters are unsettled by what they learn from their visit with Doctor Bloomfield. Jaxon meets his rival for Marie’s attentions. Angus takes the backseat. Marie’s antics…
  • Episode 5: I Get High With a Little Kelp With My Friends
    Jaxon and Meadow investigate the murder-algae. Angus takes a tentacle for his new partner. And what is it with Marie poking things with a stick?
  • Episode 4: See You Later Algae-gator!
    Angus and Marie join the search for a missing teen. A blast from Marie’s past rides into town with a warning. Oh and there’s something lurking in the water…
  • Episode 3: Rituals and Shadows and Hags, Oh My!
    A nighttime chase ensues as the bickering twosome doggedly pursue evil all around Hendrix. Angus does the unthinkable. Marie loses her weapon!
  • Episode 2: You Can’t Always Sleep When You Want
    Our shifty duo investigates the narcolepsy that afflicts all who enter Hendrix. Marie keeps her dinner date. Angus amuses the local girls.
  • Episode 1: Said the Werewolf to the Thief
    Follow a Scottish werewolf and a sassy thief as they discover things that go bump in the night in small town Hendrix.
  • Episode 0: Meet the Hunters
    Meet the stars of the podcast: Marie Redgate (the crooked) and Angus McCray (the monstrous). We also explain what Monster of the Week is.
  • Redgate and Wolf Trailer
    What happens when a sassy thief meets a Scottish werewolf? Supernatural shenanigans ensue in this actual play Monster of the Week podcast.
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