Episode 22: And Here’s to You, Ms Redgateson

Our time-fatigued hunters have returned to 2021. The town of Hendrix still exists, as does the Watchtower Tavern and Joel. But what about that mixed success to use magic? Listen to find out what the present has in store for Angus and Marie…

Content warning: sexual assault humor.

Welcome to the Hereafter Hotel is also available from DriveThruRPG

chatroom: https://discord.gg/55fU84VTCq
twitter: https://twitter.com/RedgateAndWolf
facespace: https://www.facebook.com/Redgate-and-Wolf-103363745163839

This is an original Monster of the Week mystery. OMG!

Theme and transitional music composed and performed by Sean @ McRoMusic: https://linktr.ee/mcromusic

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